Shaved Ice Desserts QUALITY Delicious

Ice Fresh Desserts

Desserts in the Desert

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh fruits,

ultra high quality shaved ice and

top-shelf ice cream!


Light & Sweet

A light treat of

micro-thin shaved ice that

hits the sweet spot!


Ultra Refreshing

Beat the desert heat

on your first bite!


Welcome to
Bing Cafe Las Vegas!

Milky, creamy, snowy. That's the essence of what Korean shaved ice (bingsu) is supposed to be. At the core, desserts should be delectable, sweet, and light.

From the humble dream that was seeded in 2019 in Las Vegas, NV, Bing Cafe has always aimed to deliver the highest quality coffee, shaved ice, and pastries. No detail too small, no ingredient too fine, those are the qualities that brought Bing Cafe from a dream to a reality.

Customer Reviews

stories about us
It's my treat .. it's a drink but it's like a dessert, delicious, my favourite is the smoothie letchee with boba ! Perfection !!! The staff is always very friendly

Jade C!

From the moment we walked in a refreshing feeling took over. Customer service is on point. They are knowledgeable on their menu and with recommendations. Bing Cafe is so neatly put together we just knew we were in for a treat! The menu is not overwhelming which is always a plus. Skip to the goods... Milk teas were DELISH and boba was cooked to perfection! Strawberry and mango BINGSU was BOMB!! So so so bomb! The fruits were fresh and the shaved milk was so dense yet so fluffy at the same time.. crazy good! Of course the pocky sticks were a sweet treat as well! We'll definitely be back for more very very soon!

Gizelle A

Yummy desserts for us and the kids! We loved the boba shaved ice the most!! We need to go back and try all their other flavors!

Angeli M

I have never had bingsu before and was pleasantly surprised. If you think it's like your everyday shave ice and syrup you're completely wrong. The ice is made from frozen milk i think but it adds such an amazing dimension of flavor and texture. There's literally a flavor for whatever you're craving. If you want something fruity/ tangy the strawberry mango bingsu is insane and if you're looking for something on the chocolate side the Oreo bingsu will hit the spot. I'm planning on making a run through the whole menu but everything I've tried so far is amazing. I've gone three times in less than a week haha

Kevin T

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5165 S Fort Apache Rd Ste 175, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148



Address: 5165 S Fort Apache Rd Ste 175, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148
Phone: +1-917-817-6867